Update on HOS Search | What is UCA to you?

Interviews for the search for a new HOS have begun. As we move through the process of discerning God’s choice for leading this school a few things are important to note.  

  • UCA is God’s school, an extension of His Church in the NEK.  
  • The Board and school leadership believe deeply that God is already preparing someone to lead this important ministry forward. The process and listening cannot be rushed as listening to God’s leading takes time.  
  • Having an Interim HOS has allowed the time needed to identify God’s leader in the next few months. They may not formally begin until completing any commitment made in their current position. But I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition.
  • The search for a new HOS will only be successful if built on a foundation of prayer. Individuals and churches are asked to keep this on their list of prayer concerns.  
  • We have a Search Team who represent a broad variety of our UCA community – faculty, board, pastors, and parents. 

We have five very capable and qualified candidates to interview, all of whom have the experience. Interviews will provide a chance for us to more deeply understand their ability and listen to their heart. The search process is as much seeking a heart and mission match, as the candidate’s ability to fit into our unique variety of Christians and region, as it is their technical education ability.  
After only one interview, a question asked by the candidate about the mission and culture of UCA caused us to reflect about how this school is special. It is a question that challenges all of us – “what makes UCA a Christian school?” Sometimes we take this for granted. However, when we are asked to give a clear, concise answer, it takes some thought. I remember the elders in a congregation I served years ago being asked a similar question. One of the elders responded, “We’ve always been Christian.” I’m not sure that was adequate for the questioner. 
The UCA theme scripture this year calls us to consider how we might answer the question, “What makes UCA Christian?” It is similar to being asked individually, “Why do you call yourself a Christian?” Such a query forces us to first consider our own belief, our behaviors in light of the Gospel, and share our answer in a way that is meaningful, clear, and can be seen as value in their eyes.  

"In your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense (give an answer; a logical defense; to explain; tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are  -some other translations) to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect" (1 Peter 3:15).  
Have you given thought to why UCA is valuable to you, your family, the community? I’d love to hear your thoughts. What makes UCA Christian? What behaviors, results, evidences can we give those not familiar with UCA that make sense to others?  
I keep a running list of comments by students and parents alike. They are invaluable to me as I share with others the ministry of UCA. Your thoughts are far more important than my perceptions – it is your children we serve. What are your thoughts about UCA, its ability to be a living witness, a light house of God’s grace and love? Please email me your responses. Even if you see ways you think we should be Christian but somehow fall short of the mark. Your perceptions are important. Putting your response to these questions in an email will make it easier the next time someone asks you similar questions; so give it a try.  
What makes UCA unique, valuable, Christian? I want to hear from you!  
Rev C, Interim Head of School