Shameless Self Promotion

I read a story a while ago about an individual’s satisfaction with an airline. He mentioned some of the things he loved about the airline, like affordability, consistent experience, quality, no-change or baggage fees, and outstanding service. He was a brand ambassador for the airline and enjoyed sharing this with everyone. This individual wasn’t afraid to tell his story, his personal narrative. The same types of things should motivate parents and students to spread their love of UCA to their friends, family, and community members. Have you ever thought about what drives word of mouth conversations? Here are a few things that may influence one’s word of mouth conversation about UCA:

1.  Experience – Word of mouth is shared as a result of experience. How has UCA changed the life (academically, socially, and/or spiritually) of your student? UCA’s life-changing experience provides a safe, nurturing learning environment for its students through dedicated, accessible and caring teachers.

2.  Quality – You have to admit that the quality of a school sells itself. UCA produces graduates that excel in college and life: the proof is in the results. What does UCA do well? Academics! Character development! UCA graduates are well prepared for college and life.

3.  Stories – Please share your positive stories about UCA. After all, everyone likes to pass on a good story. I heard it once said: if you’re not telling stories, you basically don’t exist. Story-telling should be an integral part of your word of mouth marketing effort.

Please help us tell UCA’s story. It may be one of the greatest stories ever told!