Embracing New Learning Experiences and Challenges

As I have mentioned over the last couple of months, it is vital that we all have a growth mindset. This is especially true as we nurture our children. Parents have a crucial role in this nurturing process. Parents should encourage their children to embrace new learning experiences and challenges. As Dr. Carol Dweck, an educational researcher has written, “Parents should not shield their children from challenges, mistakes, and struggles. Instead, parents should teach children to love challenges. They can say things like ‘This is hard.What fun!’ or ‘This is too easy. It’s no fun.’ They should teach their children to embrace mistakes, ‘Ooh, here’s an interesting mistake. What should we do next?’ And they should teach them to love effort: ‘That was a fantastic struggle. You really stuck to it and made great progress’ or ‘This will take a lot of effort…..’. Some of us need to work at cultivating a growth mindset. It takes time and practice, but it is well worth it when one experiences the difference that it makes in our and our children’s lives!