Learning Communities

Teamwork and collaboration are essential to the corporate life of any organization. This is true of schools as well. In a school scenario, community is vital. The key to strong community is healthy relationships. Theodore Roosevelt once stated, “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” How does one build strong, positive relationships? Although it may seem like a complex endeavor,  there are a few simple ingredients that set a solid foundation for a prosperous learning community. Strong communities may be built if individuals care for one another, are concerned with their wellbeing, are kind and compassionate, and collaborate and work together. Robert Greenleaf, Former CEO of AT&T, once commented: “It all begins with the individual leader putting people first.” At United Christian Academy, we are dedicated to putting others first and glorifying God through working together, open mindedness, honesty and integrity, speaking truth, service, trust, and a strong Christian community.

Here’s a great article about why we choose a Christian learning community.