Back to Nature

Mr. Pine returned this year for his 5th year presenting the Four Winds program. Our lower school students look forward to Four Winds each month as it allows them to explore the world around them in a fun and engaging way outside of their regular classrooms.  Last week, students explored the difference between insects and bugs, as well as some unique features like multifaceted eyes, feet that are used to “taste,” and antennae that are used to “smell.” 

And We're Back!

The first week of school was filled with excitement as students unpacked their new school supplies, set up their lockers, rekindled friendships, and began settling in to their new routines. Grades 7-12 had an assembly first thing Wednesday that included updates from Dr. Montoro, as well as a fun team-building exercise led by Mrs. Lippmann.  Lower school students also attended an informative assembly with Mrs. Partridge.  We are excited for each of the new and returning students and look forward to seeing how each one progresses and succeeds this year.