Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Fest

The 11th Annual Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ was held this past weekend, and it was a great success!  The weather on Friday made us a bit nervous, but things calmed down by Saturday, and it was a nearly perfect day for a shoot.  We saw a decent amount of shooters and a lot of supporters of our great school. A big thank you goes out to the organizers: Reverend Genco, Ron Stevens, and John Stevens.  Additional thanks goes to all of the many volunteers and shooters who came out. God is good, and we are thankful that this was such a great event. We will update you with total funds raised as we tally.  For now, we do have the shooting and chili cook-off winners to congratulate!!!

Top Shot for Highest Combined Score (men’s, women’s, youth’s):  Jim Dowhan, Norma Gregory, and Jaxson Parenteau [prize = sweatshirt]

Over 20 Clays Hit Drawing - Abraham Saaman [ prize = Rugar 30-06 Bolt Action]

Doubles Shoot Drawing - Teagan Darling [prize = Savage 64 Semi-Automatic .22 Rifle]

22 Shoot (youth, adult) - Tied: Jaxson Parenteau and Preston Moulton; Jim Dowhan [prize = $25 to Wright’s Sporting Goods]

Chili Cook Off  - Norma Gregory

Congrats to All!